The Air Con pressure washer with induction motor makes it incredibly easy to clean air conditioning systems. Thanks to the innovative Vario Power Jet Short 360? with swivel-mounted nozzle head and short spray gun, it performs well even in tight, hard-to-reach work areas, saving you the effort of dismantling the system. The pressure can be adjusted between 20 and 100 bar on the nozzle head so that delicate components such as fine grilles can be cleaned gently. The Air Con pressure washer is also perfectly suited to cleaning cars and motorbikes.

Technical Specification

Pressure (bar/MPa) 20 – max. 100 / 2 – max. 10
Flow rate (l/h) 360
Max. inlet temperature (°C) 40
Connection load (kW) 1,4
Weight without accessories (kg) 7,9
Dimensions (L × W × H) (mm) 374 x 201 x 296


Vario Power Jet Short 360°
High-pressure gun, Standard Quick Connect
High-pressure hose, 7.5 m
Detergent application via, Suction
Integrated water filter

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